8 more vegan restaurants in NYC

Red Bamboo


The menu has many choices. Try dumplings, barbecue, buffalo wings, sweet and sour chicken and tonkatsu.


https://gardenbar.info/listing/westbourne/ ‎

Great vegetarian restaurant for any time of the day! Established in 2018. west~bourne is an all-day restaurant that embodies a distinctly West Coast spirit while focusing on its local community.

Go Zen


This is a wonderful small place. A very large menu – a lot of choices. Really nice and interesting food.

Delice & Sarrasin


Nice French restaurant with stunning food. The menu is very French (meat assortment, chicken in wine) and all vegan.

Magic Mix Juicery


Magic Mix Juicery is a delightful stop for salads, cocktails and healthy snacks. Although their prices are high, as you would expect for a healthy meal, the food is so rich and tasty that you will not mind spending extra money.

Nish Nush


The falafel in Nish Nush is the best you will have – super crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It is a place for fast food, but if you live in this area and love Middle Eastern cuisine and do not care about the atmosphere, you should visit lunch or order delivery.

Lekka Burger


You will be surprised by how nicely decorated the space is considering that it’s a casual spot. There’s even a full bar area. You place your order at the counter and pick it up at the kitchen counter. Try fries, guacamole burger, masala burger, and a matcha milkshake.




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