“I am vegan now”: Stories from our readers, part 3

“I am vegan now”: Stories from our readers, part 3

Melanie, 28

My life has not been a fairy tale since my childhood. All difficulties helped me to grow up and become stronger.

Previously I had a bad eyesight and a tendency to be obese. Also, I was always in hospitals with chronic gastritis. I was forbidden to eat everything, except porridge. Now I only eat fruits! Gastritis is long gone. There were also problems because of receiving oral contraceptive pills . There was a cyst in the ovary, which itself was gone when I went vegan. Menstruation was painful. And I can write about my first pregnancy for a very long time. I gained almost 50 kg. I had a very hard delivery.

Perhaps, someone thinks it is unproven. Maybe somebody does not have such experience, is not sick, etc. I am very happy for such people! Everything was different for me. Now I don’t even have a headache and there are no pains at all. Now I have a flexible body! For me this is an achievement! I even started singing.

My life was really divided into two periods. I can say that I live only for the last 3 years! The rejection of animal food led to a complete change of personality! Both externally and internally! I became calmer and more conscious. I listen to my body now.

My path to fructorianism has just begun. The lighter the food, the simpler the body feels ! Less energy is spent on digestion and more remains for selfdevelopment! Isn’t it true, when you feel fine physically, you want to fly? A smile becomes a business card. You get high from the beautiful world:) From every movement, from the wind in your hair, from the singing of birds, from the integrity of all and everything!
You open new borders, changing only the food. Do not be afraid to change something. It’s a thrill to see yourself completely different. Try to question what you are 100 percent sure about!

Anton, 33

I began to watch videos and printed materials about veganism and the atrocities of the meat and dairy industry. And one day and I decided not to eat meat anymore.

My goal was to stop the conveyor belt on which innocent animals move headlong every second to their unnatural death. This was my true intention. I had no desire to improve my health or anything else .

Now for me meat, milk and so on are as inedible as bulbs, batteries, nails and bricks. Therefore, everything was easy and simple. And, because by nature I am very lazy, on the second day I was very lazy to deal with what dishes are made of. And on the second day I became a a raw food eater.

I did all this in order to release energy, not to occupy myself with “what would be so delicious to eat, because I am so unhappy – I have lost such delicious and wonderful things and now it is very difficult for me and I can break. (Break to what? To eat nails, bulbs, cheese, plastic, meat?)

Alyssa, 22

I had a lot of signs, which I diligently choked in myself. I just grew up in a society where heads of chickens were chopped and stray dogs were shot before the eyes of children. We looked at adults and understood that such things are ok, pushed into the depths of subconsciousness pity and compassion.

And six years ago I was offered to adopt a dog found on the street. I got her into my car, held her in my arms and she trembled so much that I felt her fear. Then I understood for the first time that animals have the same emotions as we do.

I will not say that I became a vegan the same day. But the process of consciousness has already started and one year later I completely gave up meat. And I am sorry that for so many years I was dependent on the opinion of others, and therefore I did not dare to take this step much, much earlier, when at the age of seven I spent a week mourning the death of my favorite turkey.

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