I Realized Kashrut Is A Fiction And A Farce

I Realized Kashrut Is A Fiction And A Farce

I had preconditions for becoming a vegan. Almost from the very beginning of my repatriation I began to follow kashrut, and this is already a restriction on the consumption of of animal products): minus pork, minus sea animals, the separation of dairy with meat -, if I ate dairy, then you did not eat meat in this meal and vice versa. As a result, I began to eat meat only once a day, for lunch, because in the other meals I consumed dairy.

For about four years I practically stopped eating mammal meat, switching to chicken and turkey. There were several reasons for this: ethical – I didn’t want to eat creatures like a man, economic – poultry is cheaper, the idea of healthy food, as there are many where I read that poultry meat is dietetic, and red meat – carcinogenic, and social: I gradually assimilated, acquired Israeli habits, and the Israelis eat little beef and a lot of turkey and chicken.

In the first Israeli summer I realized that in the hottest months it is very hard to eat meat. As a result, in July-August and sometimes September I did not eat meat for weeks, eating curd, fresh fruits and vegetables. What shocked me a little: I always considered myself too avid meat and was surprised that I live for weeks without meat.

Then I started to study the basics of yoga and meditation myself through books. In one of the books I read a statement about meat science: if you have understood what the soul and karma are, then everything has already become clear to you. I have never raised this question before. After all, an animal is a creature with a soul. Or by asking a question with another rib: what if after death a man is born into an animal, is killed and eaten? My worldview also includes faith in reincarnation, which is recognized as Kabbalistic Judaism. I thought about it for a couple of days. And in the end, I forbade myself to think about it.

In the end, my real transition to veganism began with a joke. I was at the wedding of my half-brother. His wife was a vegetarian, then became a vegan, and under her influence my brother became a vegan. The wedding, respectively, was also a vegan. I wrote in one out chat in Whatsapp, “I am a vegan today,” explaining that I have to be a vegan because there is nothing else to eat. Then I thought that each joke has a share of the joke, the rest is true. I haven’t eaten meat at all all all day long, and I have not died or got sick.

And the vegans in that chat recommended me to watch the video in the group “Transparent Walls”. Usually meat eaters reject such offers, but I decided to see how curious the man is. Watching the video shocked me and broke a lot of stereotypes, including the fact that everything was filmed in Israel, which means that all this animal suffering already make their meat and milk non-kosher, which means that the certificate of kashrut is a fiction and a farce.

After that the meat did not come into my mouth anymore. And I decided to become a vegan.

I had a mentor in the first steps on my vegan path. He gave me advice and answered my questions. Now I am sure that I will not return to the old way of life.

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