Top 5 vegan haute cuisine restaurants in NYC

Top 5 vegan haute cuisine restaurants in NYC

Night Music

Night Music is an exotic fusion restaurant and near Ladybird bar. Lively atmosphere and unique menu is a perfect unity.


You will be amazed by the taste and quality of fondue. Try also avocado toast, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, beet, zucchini.


The place with dim light and really tiny tables. Fried chicken dish delicious, better than real. Be sure to order this by souring this place.


all over the world abcv holds leading positions in quality, taste, interest, effort and hospitality. Each dish is delicious, carefully prepared and exquisitely presented by a warm and extremely informed service

Caravan of Dreams ‎

Caravan of Dreams definitely set the bar above all expectations in vegetarian restaurants. You should try Caravan, Caesar Avakado salad and pasta made of cashew lemon.

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