We added 10 more vegan restaurants in NYC to the catalogue: check it out!

We added 10 more vegan restaurants in NYC to the catalogue: check it out!

We added 10 more vegan restaurants to the catalogue: check it out!

Fresco Gelateria

 https://gardenbar.info/listing/fresco-gelateria/ ‎

Excellent Italian ice cream, consisting only of cream and fresh natural components with low sugar content.

Spicy Moon


It is hard to find Sichuan dishes, which are also vegan. The environment is good and the food is served quickly.

Green Gorilla Kitchen


Green Gorilla Kitchen is the only vegan food truck in New York City and is outstandingly delicious!

Taïm – Flatiron


A small hole in the wall kind of place, but the food is really awesome! You should absolutely try shwarma with a side of the s’rug. You will be astounded at how amazing everything tastes together.

Divya’s Kitchen


If you are looking for a dinner that is a little different, please try Divya’s Kitchen. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Double Zero


Try bruschetta, bacon pizza shittake and cheesecake. The food is incredibly well processed and designed.



XYST is a vegan’s dream. The food is delicious, clean, healthy and beautifully plated.

Bar Verde


Perfect place for an easy night out downtown with friends.

Clementine Bakery

 https://gardenbar.info/listing/clementine-bakery/ ‎

The place is very nice, with plants around and huge windows. At certain hours or weekends, it can be quite crowded.


https://gardenbar.info/listing/riverdel/ ‎

Riverdel is a vegan cheese / sandwich shop in Essex Market. There’s a glass display puts all the dairy-free vegan cheese options.

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