I Got Hooked On Pills, Examinations and Visits To Doctors. I Was So Sick Until I Went Vegan

I Got Hooked On Pills, Examinations and Visits To Doctors. I Was So Sick Until I Went Vegan

I have always been obsessed with “proper nutrition” – proteins, fats and carbohydrates in proportions determined by conditions of this or that diet. The number of calories is not more than 1500-1700 per day. The need to eat meat, fish, sour milk, eggs (as there are “necessary” proteins and amino acids, as well as B12, a glass of red wine + a lot of water.

I tried to balance my diet, so I added a biologically active supplements and vitamin complexes to my daily diet (and this was really 15-20 tablets at a time, I do not exaggerate).

Diseases: Unfortunately, by my age, there were enough of them to say that I got hooked on pills, examinations and visits to doctors. I am serious. I weighed 73 kg. I had acne, cellulite, insecurity, too much greasy hair, etc.

Then, in 2005, I, at the cost of huge deprivations and “balanced nutrition”, i lost 19(!) kg for six months. And, as it helped me, I lived further only with this approach to nutrition.

I can’t say that in 6 years I have put on a lot of weight, but other diseases have progressed. The first thing that constantly reminded me about myself was my spine. In my childhood I fell from the height 2 times. Both times I fell on my back. I began to slouch heavily, my back often hurt, which led to the degradation of the 10th vertebra. Sherman-Mau disease. I lay in the hospital for 3 weeks, slept on the reclinator, and then, after discharge, I wore a plaster corset for 5 months and slept on the board.

Next. The more I became older, the worse and longer I had headaches. In high school I had my first appointment with a neurologist. The diagnosis was simple: VSD (vegeto-vascular dystonia).

It came to the point that I could dissolve 6 (!) Panadol tablets in a glass of water because the normal dose did not help me anymore. In 2008, I underwent a scheduled examination of the cortex, MRI, CT, EEG and so on. At first, they revealed an ischemic focus in the brain. Then the diagnosis was made – Cerebral venous dystonia (functional venous hypertension syndrome). Medication was prescribed.

The pills helped at first, then didn’t. A year later I was given an even more severe diagnosis – neurocircular dystonia with polymorphic vegetative paraxysmal states:

“If you do not want to develop epilepsy, you should drink medicine.”

Clonazepam. Bellataminol. Lamictal. Became my companions for the next 2 months. Yes. Headache is gone. But my memory began to disappear, I forgot to eat, forgot to drink, I forgot that I was told by my colleagues and the chief at work after some half an hour. I lost weight. In 2 months I had to make a control EEG and tell the doctor the data. I did not do it. I just finished taking pills. I was tired of my condition at that time. Yes, I continued to have seizures. But I didn’t forget to eat and walk, holding on to the walls, along the corridors.

Next. The first woman problems caught up with me in 2001. Inflammation of the left appendage (in gynecology there is no complete cure of the “frozen” appendage, the gynecologist told me at once to get ready to treat it for the rest of my life). Candidiasis, cystitis – I do not even count.

Next. Gastroduodenitis. Excess weight. Constant flu, angina, follicular angina.

On the other hand, I was vaccinated regularly. The school nurse systematically monitored the dates of the last vaccination campaigns. Until the 9th grade I stood in a TB dispensary with a reaction to the mantua.
So. The bouquet of diseases is described.

In September 2011 I am moving to Israel for CoML. I pass all sorts of checks and here. I am diagnosed with a severe migraine. I am prescribed with serious painkillers and antidepressants. I put on extra weight. The weight almost reaches the mark of 69 kg in April 2012.

So. I die of a headache, I drink painkillers 5-6 times a day, if I don’t have time, my husband takes me to the hospital under an IV, because at home we are not able to relieve the pain syndrome.

I don’t even feel bad, I feel terrible, I have depression – a foreign country, extra weight (nothing from the closet fits, as a result, I sit at home and don’t go anywhere), terrible headaches, cellulitis, etc. At the end of April, at the cost of incredible psychological efforts, I got myself together and began to stick to a diet. It does not contain anything special in itself.

In the beginning I just refused everything prepared, because I cooked for my husband – or roasted, baked, cooked.

I did not eat any of this. Sometimes I boiled my eggs. I intuitively stopped eating and drinking milk. I had to force myself to give up sweets. But I also overcame this craving. In general, my standard diet then was: apples, 2 boiled eggs, a bowl of salad and 2 pieces of bread (at home we had our own bread). Yes, I was losing weight. At the same time, I connected a daily exercise. I started with 5 minutes per day.

At some point there were no vegetables in the house. I was walking around the house from the refrigerator to the computer in search of food and meaning of life. At that moment my husband called and praised the turkey I had baked in the oven for him that day. And persuaded me to try it. I cut off a piece of portions and sat down to chew it. I chewed it. And it felt in my mouth as if I was chewing plasticine. “Well,” I thought, “have I really cook so bad? I threw out the whole piece and spit out. That’s how meat left my diet.

In 2 days we ran out of eggs. And I could not buy them for 3 days. I do not remember why, but somehow I did not have to. Then I bought 30 eggs. I boiled myself, as always, 2 eggs. I chewed. And again, I feel like chewing rubber. I was afraid, I thought that they were spoiled. Asked my husband to smell them and try them. He said that the eggs were absolutely normal. And I had rubber in my mouth. I threw it away. That’s it.

Well, and then everything was banal. As I sat at home all the time, I began to look through the information on vegetarianism on the Internet, as I wanted my husband to give up meat too. And I typed up the information on raw food. I remember, I watched 10 videos a day. I had brainstorming, pattern break and information collapse at the same time. When my husband came back, I was already in a state of relative stability. So I suggested watching these videos together. It was July 13, 2012.

I had ALL the above described diseases. I am not exaggerating. I do not experience any pain, clear or vague etiology. No headaches, no menstrual, no neurological, no back pains. No premenstrual nervousness, no rashes or allergies, no colds. Vivacity, even complexion, smooth skin (no cellulite), optimism, faith myself, people and the future, easy attitude to life. My husband does not have a heartburn anymore.

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