Top 10 moderate price vegan restaurants in NYC

Top 10 moderate price vegan restaurants in NYC

LuAnne’s Wild Ginger

Asian, fusion, Thai, Malaysian, whatever the detailed adjectives to its origin, the food is excellent, authentic. Fantastic vegetarian option is also available.


October is definitely the best Vegan eating spot in NYC. It’s changing the game up.

The Alchemist’s Kitchen ‎

The place is located in Kollectiv and it is very cute. There is a variety of CBD products, crystals and candles. There is also a lot of info for people who want to learn more about CBD.

Bombay Sandwich Co.

This Pure Veg cafe has many options, and the portions are generous. The food is great. The portion size is good enough for two adults

Vegetarian Dim Sum House

It is an excellent vegetarian restaurant, offering delicious dishes and polite service right in Chinatown’s heart.This restaurant has a large selection of dim sum and a large general menu, all vegetarian.


The greenery and beautiful decor makes for a lovely environment and the staff is very kind and welcoming. The plant based menu offered a unique variety of delicious plates and drinks.

Lucky Vegetarian ‎

The 1st Vegetarian restaurant in the area. As the owners say their mission is to provide satisfactory dining, delicious food, friendly service, and most importantly serving healthy dishes.

Bodhi Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant ‎

A good place to visit, especially when you feel the need to have vegetarian dumplings. They serve things made of soybeans or wheat.


This vegetarian specialty Indian restaurant is definitely good. Anyone who wants to taste authentic Indian food will enjoy this place.

Nefista Vegan Kofteh

The vegan kofteh they serve here is known in Turkey as çiğ köfte. The version here was as delicious as the best ones in Istanbul.

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